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Lightshot is screenshot application that is simple, easy to use, has a variety of features. Interface is straightforward and user-friendly. Usability is excellent, as application is very intuitive and easy to use. Support at get Lightshot is excellent, as application has a comprehensive help section and a FAQ section. Overall, is an excellent screenshot application that is easy to use and has a variety of features.

Modern Interface

Modern Interface

Interface of Lightshot online is very straightforward and user-friendly. Main window consists of a toolbar with all of options and features of application, a canvas where you can take your screenshots. Toolbar is very well designed and is easy to navigate. Toolbar is located at top of window. Below toolbar, you can see picture that you have taken. Screen is displayed in a separate window, so you can edit it without having to open an image editor.

Main window of application consists of two tabs; first one is for taking screens, second one is for editing them. Overall, interface of is excellent, is very easy to use. Main window has a toolbar that consists of different tools that can be used for taking and editing screens. Application has a preview window that allows users to view picture that they have taken.

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Lightshot Is Easy to Use

Taking screenshots is very easy, user can take screenshots of your entire screen, a specific region, or a specific window. Editing, sharing your screens is very easy, you can share Lightshot application user screenshots via email, social media, or a variety of other methods. You just have to select area that user want to capture, click “Take Screenshot” button. Screenshot will be automatically saved to your computer. If you want to edit screenshot, you can do so by clicking “Edit” button. This will open screenshot in a separate window where you can add text, arrows, or shapes. To take a screenshot, you just have to click on "Take Screenshot" button. Product will then take a screenshot of your screen. You can save screen by clicking on "Save Screenshot" button. Program has an image editor that user can use to edit screen.

Extensive Functionality

Functionality is very good, user can edit users screen, user can crop, resize, or annotate users screens. It has a wide range of features that makes it very versatile. For example, user can edit users screen with built-in image editor. You can annotate your screen with text or shapes. Lightshot for free download for Windows 10 has a built-in sharing feature that allows user to share users screen with others.

What Support Does Ligtshot App Have?

FAQ section is very well designed, is easy to navigate, Lightshot install developers are very responsive, they are always ready to help user if user have any problems. They provide a comprehensive help section on their website. Software provides support for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux.

  • First, it’s easy to use. Just press Print Screen key on your keyboard, and select area you want capture. Picture will be automatically saved to your clipboard.
  • Second, Lightshot download has an editing tool that lets you annotate and edit your screenshots. This is useful if you need highlight something in picture, or if you want add text or arrows.
  • Third, allows you share your pictures easily. You can upload screenshot server and get a URL, or you can share it on social media or via email.

Helpful Tips for Using Lightshot App

  1. Use application to take pics of your entire pic or just a portion of it.
  2. You can use Lightshot app to take a pic of an active window.
  3. Use app to edit and annotate your pics.
  4. Save your pics in any format that you want.
  5. Share your pics with others via email or social media.

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Popular Questions

  • How do I share a screenshot app?
    To share a screen, open app and tap on screenshot that you would like to share. Then, tap on share icon. From there, you can share screen via email, social media, or other apps.
  • How does Lightshot for PC app work?
    Software works by taking a screenshot of your screen, then uploading it to server. Once screenshot is uploaded, you can share it with others or edit it using app.
  • Which browsers can I use app with?
    Product is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
  • Which operating systems can I use app with?
    Program is compatible with Windows and macOS.
  • What are minimum system requirements for app?
    Minimum system requirements for app are a computer with an internet connection and a web browser.


Overall, Lightshot for Windows 10 is free screenshot application that is available for download on internet. Software has been designed to be used by both beginners and professionals. It is user-friendly application that is simple to use and has a wide range of features. Application is available in both English, Russian.

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